Chris Ingledue

Taking Advantage of Rebooted Films

Most films released today are new incarnations of old favorites. The influx of rebooted films indicates a lack of originality in the industry but is causing a surge in the value of toys that accompanied the first releases. People who have toys in the attic, basement, or a curio cabinet can be sitting on a small fortune. Old, now referred to as vintage, toys are in high demand.


Godzilla, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and any Disney classic movies are now being updated, filmed in live action instead of cartoon formats, and re-released for the current younger generation. These movies are a huge draw for children and their parents who grew up with the originals. Movie goers are delighted, and movie makers are cashing in at the box office.

Money to Be Made

People who collected toys years ago and still have them stored away can sell them for extra cash. Many are selling Transformers toys to finance new interests. Keeping up with the latest electronic products is expensive because they are updated constantly. The money received when you sell your Transformers can pay for the newest version of a favored smart phone brand.

Sell Online

A plethora of websites have been launched to buy and sell collections. Compare some before Buying and Selling Transformers Toy Collections. Experienced website operators that specialize in toy collections have had websites in existence for decades. These are fair and serious businesses owned by people who make the process fast and easy.

Sites that have complete lists of what they will accept are operated by knowledgeable and professional dealers and brokers of vintage collections. They have access to hundreds of buyers and can offer top dollar for toys. To see an example of such a website, go to .

Other Toys in Demand

Transformer toys that were never sold to the public are also worth money. Factory samples, store displays, and pre-production prototypes are in demand as well. Any collections that were limited and deluxe or masterpiece editions will result in high quotes. Toys still in the box are always worth more than those that have been used.

Take advantage of the recent concept of rebooting movies and dig out those old toys. Now is the time to sell them. Do not go into debt to purchase photography equipment to fuel that new interest. Sell what is not being used to start a new hobby, renovate a room, or get away for the weekend.